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Personal Chef

We support busy lifestyles with time-saving, delicious, wholesome solutions for everyday meals.

Are you a busy mom trying to fit in wholesome dinners for your family around work and extra-curricular activities?

A business executive who cares about your diet but has no time to shop or cook or just sick of travel meals?

Have special dietary needs to remove gluten, dairy, control your cholesterol or lose weight?

Are you a vegetarian or vegan looking for new ideas?

No more meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, or hassles at dinner time. Just RELAX & ENJOY!


How it works


Complete Online Personal Profile

Fill out your personal profile online or in person with your Personal Chef.


Receive Your Customized Menu

Your personal chef will research recipes, create your customized menu, and email it to you for your approval. You can request changes up to one day prior to your service.


Review, Modify, or Approve

Receive fresh delivery of your meals directly to your refrigerator—there is no need for you to even be home!


Receive Your Fresh Dinners

Provide payment on or before date of delivery via our website through PayPal, PayPal emailed invoice or by check.

Fresh Convenience Package
All-inclusive packages start at $175.00 per service for three meals of two servings.

Good for families where trips to take-out or fast food are becoming too much of a habit, for busy couples who do not have time to menu plan, grocery shop and cook healthful meals, for elderly people who need a healthy diet but find it difficult to grocery shop and prepare meals for themselves.

Personal Chef selects from pre-set choices of seasonal dishes that match your personal profile of likes and dislikes. Meals can include casseroles, chicken, pork or beef entrees. Your personal chef will do the meal planning, grocery shopping, preparation, family-style packaging and delivery of your meals with easy heating instructions.

Fresh Premiere Package
All-inclusive packages start at $299.00 per service for three meals of two servings.

Perfect for folks who do not have the time to meal plan, grocery shop and prepare healthful meals, for those with dietary restrictions such as lactose or gluten intolerance or allergies, for those who want the freshest food with a wide array of choices.

Your Personal Chef customizes your menu weekly then sends it for your approval. You receive completely customized personal chef services. No meal is duplicated in 12 months unless you specifically request it. Ingredients include the top 12 in organic produce, clean seafood, beef, poultry and pork. Covers higher-end style meals, specialty diets and dietary restrictive needs. All special requests are accommodated.

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